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Thank you for visiting the RFTSI Web Site.

How are you?
Since our company was founded in 2012,
we have made efforts to improve the repair quality of RF-related products
based on our extensive technical experience and know-how.

Using a variety of challenging spirit and creatively developed technologies
to deliver high quality equivalent to original makers. Based on this technology,
we have clients in Korea including Samsung, SK Hynix, LG, ON Semiconductor,
and DB HiTek, as well as overseas clients in various countries including
the U.S., Singapore, Japan, China, and Taiwan.

In the future, we will continue to build a global network through continuous
technology development and know-how accumulation and strive to grow
with clients with the world's No. 1 repair quality.

In addition, we continue to strive to establish a culture of "compliance
management" throughout the company through fair and transparent management.

Thank you again for your constant affection and attention,
and we will always do our best for the best quality and service.

Thank you. Ceo MIN YOUNG MIN

RFTSI | CEO : MIN YOUNG MIN | Business Number : 124-87-31299 | Tel : 031-375-7303 | Fax : 031-372-7304  | Adress : Gyeonggi-do Osan Oesammi-ro 55-6 | E-mail :
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